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Full-Service Destination Management in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Phillips Tours offers a full range of destination management services, including customized sightseeing, receptive services, cruise ship ground handling, and arrangements of all types for meetings, conferences, and conventions.

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Headquartered in the center of downtown Norfolk, Virginia, Phillips Tours provides customized group tour itineraries throughout the region, including nearby Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


If you want to see a foreign country, its attractions, you may find a few useful tips here on how to save the money you’ve earned so hard and how to get pleasure from tourism! 1. Select the season. In the travel business the seasonality is very pronounced and the price difference is impressive. The paradox is that the most expensive months (July, August) are usually not successful in terms of weather – it’s very hot. The most pleasant time to visit one of the countries - is the second half of spring or the first half of autumn. It’s not too expensive and it’s not hot. So it's better to plan your vacation not according to the gregarious habit "for the summer", but you should plan it for the time when you can get a really nice vacation. 2. Choose a hotel. If you are an active traveler, you should not spend money on the notorious "five stars". Why to pay for prestige, if the comfort is almost the same. Staff is polite everywhere, they change the bed regularly, the food is the same. One the other hand, maybe the presence of the gilding on the handles and abundance of mirrors in the lobby actually plays a crucial role for you. But hundreds of dollars that can be saved will give you the freedom of movement, you can buy day tours without regret and even tours for a few days without worrying that someone will eat a piece of your chicken.


Travel agency for trips

Choose a travel agency for trips around the country. So, you have arrived. You were met by the representative of your tour operator and he fusses around you like a chicken around an egg. On the day of arrival he will tell you that you should visit a lot of places in this country, where you can have fun. After this he will give you a printed sheet of paper with the list of places and prices. Feel free to go and to look for a local street agency. And there you will meet the Russian-speaking Turkish or Egyptian with Kazakh or Turkmen roots, who will sell you the same tours, the same discos and places for shopping, but the price will be 3 and even 4 times less. This difference in price is easily explained, our tour operators are monopolists. And they tell "not truth" about the street agencies in order them not to take away their clients. Of course, there is some truth in their words, but you should just be careful. The street agencies must have a permanent address, where you can always find it, documents, an English-speaking representative, and these agencies can easily allow you not to pay the money immediately, but only on the arrival of a transportation for your. And even if it’s still very scary, find travel companions, whom you trust, it’s better the tourists from your hotel. A man and especially a woman shouldn’t go anywhere alone in a foreign country.

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